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Study oversea affecting your profound cultural experience, to restructuring your new outlook on life, you will find yourself, achieving your dreams. We would like to provide an excellent and comprehensive counseling to help you!

When it comes to English afternoon tea, I would recommend you Conwall Park Restaurant, which is located in the lush Cornwall Park. The elegant furnishings of the restaurant accompanied by a delicious afternoon tea and a cup of aromatic Indian Ceylon tea as if exposure to the medieval British aristocratic palace by enjoying life leisurely with teatime. After tea, you can stroll in the park boulevards and enjoying the phytoncid or from One Tree Hill overlooking views of Auckland.

The origin of the English-style afternoon tea
Drinking tea in the 17th century has become the habit of the British, and afternoon tea concept formation, can be traced back to the mid-18th century AD, when the British aristocracy eating only two meals a day dinner after 20:00 . Very long time away from the breakfast and dinner, it is said that the the Bei Defu seventh Duchess (The 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna, 1788 – 1861) once said every 16:00 began to feel depressed. So one day, she commands servants end to sandwiches and cake, this is the English afternoon tea (Afternoon Tea) prototype. Later, they gradually developed to three saucer Tower, by the number of small dish of sweet and salty point to Hupenghuanyou enjoyed by one person, slowly becoming a high society aristocratic woman, IMs and chat gathering.

High Tea
The royal nobility consumption habits of afternoon tea spread to the civilian population. But why is also called High Tea? And the height of the table, the nobles are generally in a coffee table-style small table drinking tea, but the working class, afternoon tea is a large stomachs of meat, bread, cakes, etc., more on the dinner table to enjoy this dinner table than The coffee table is a little higher, so everyone jokes laugh called high Tea. Formal afternoon tea snack is generally placed in the three-layer ceramic plate tower, each floor positioning is also very particular about the top put small cakes and fruit tarts, the second layer is to put traditional British snack scones (Scone) tarts and biscuits, the lowest level you put the finger sandwiches and smoked salmon (Finger Sandwiches). In addition to this essential three snack, some croissants, raisin, caviar and other food will be put to cater to the tastes of the guests. This three-tier rack snack eat should be from the bottom up, from salty to sweet. However, this traditional English afternoon tea spread so far, experience change, many hotels and fine dining restaurants did not follow this traditional the pendulum method instead join a new style of food.

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