Virginia International Education

A profound and intellectual challenging experience. Extend the boundary of your horizons

– an oversea study experience that will ingrated in your memory… and become an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

Not only affecting your language
Study oversea affecting your profound cultural experience, to restructuring your new outlook on life, you will find yourself, achieving your dreams. We would like to provide an excellent and comprehensive counseling to help you!

About VIE

VIE founder is well aware of International students’ needs. Whether it is the detail of life, learning expectation, and even toward foreign country’s adaptation and exploration, facing physical and mental problems, various state of mind is marking in mind. Facing the young scholar, virtually own the sense of mission.

What VIE could help you to achieve, not only enhance international competitiveness, but also to the further competition we want to achieve is “Your own”. Study tour is not just a life episode, but the turning point. Please beat your old modes of consciousness! Reorganise “a new consciousness mode, your new outlook in life”

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Language Learning, Education Counseling, Physical and Psychological Care, Cultural and Human Experience, are VIE five school of direction, each direction are equally important.