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90 Mile Beach

Came to New Zealand’s North Island to north direction away, you can see a stretch of endless coastline by the sea and the beach, this is the world-famous 90 Mile Beach.

90 Mile Beach adjacent to the Tasman Sea, Australia next to it is green forest, scenic over emphasized, if you want to integrate yourself into being in nature, that the world is not more than 90 miles beach more suitable place.

Unlike traditional beach, 90 Mile Beach is full of crowd to enjoy the sunshine and swimming, on the contrary, you can see many people go fishing or riding cars on the beach, more close to Australia’s Fraser island, at the same time, 90 miles beach is a must pass through one of the attractions to go to New Zealand’s northern tip of Cape Reinga. 90 Mile Beach is quite broad, although the color of the sand is not a beautiful golden sand, but if you want to play where some water sports or beach volleyball, are very suitable.

90 Mile Beach maelstrom way to drive to the end of 90 Mile Beach, continue to go to the Cape Reinga, you can see a natural formation of the maelstrom, the whirlpool’s location just on the junction of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific, due to intense flow impact of the spectacle, the surprising If weather conditions are poor, you will have the opportunity to see the waves of up to 10 meters!

90 Mile Beach smooth sand dunes near the 90 miles beach there is a fairly well-known attractions, is the huge sand dunes, saw these dunes is unable to feel this huge sense of shock. You can see the beautiful coastline in the sand dunes. In addition, many people will prepare sand-boarding tools (the easiest way is to take a piece of cardboard on it) slide down along the dunes, quite fun and excitement, has attracted numerous travelers crazy here all day.

90 mile length of the beach, although it was not know who named this beautiful beach 90 Mile Beach, but they must be some mistake! The older generation using foot length, took the wrong amount of feet, so will lead to measurement error occurs, until now, the use of sophisticated equipment to measure the true length of 90 Mile Beach foreseen famous true 90 Mile Beach is 56 miles in length, about 90 km, although the length of the much shorter than his name, but the beach is still long your eyes can not see the end Oh.

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