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 National Park

Tongarino CrossingNew Zealand has more than 30 national parks, the average distribution in the South, on the North Island. Because of the differences in geographical landscape showing different characteristics; Some National Park famous for the unique sceneries, while others animals, plants ecology are well known.

New Zealand North Island National Park, in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, is the Gulf of forest which consists of forty-seven islands, is a boating paradise, is also the world’s largest sailing paradise; while in the southern end of Taupo, Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s first national park, which has three active volcanoes in the park, so there is the spectacle of lava, active volcanoes, hot springs, rivers, grasslands, forests, ski resorts etc. to attract countless tourists admiring; there is also a Egmont National Park, the most characteristic can be enjoyed along the way to the lush tropical rainforest. National Park in New Zealand’s South Island, the most well-known, when the number of ranked fifth in the world, New Zealand’s largest Fjord Fiordland National Park, a representative of the landscape steep hills, the U-shaped valley of the Ice Age ruins, sea cut deep valleys and fjords formed, coupled with forests, snow peaks, waterfalls, beautiful; Westland National Park, places the magnificent landscape of alpine glaciers. Ski lovers may wish to visit the Southern Alps, Mt Cook National Park, it is composed of hundreds of mountains, many seat cliff perennial snow and the plateau flat, skiing and snow play best venues, the entire national Park stretches along the ridge 80 kilometers which progesterone containing five New Zealand’s biggest glacier, it is no wonder that the Mount Cook national Park has been hailed as the king of the New Zealand national Park. New Zealand has been hailed as the “living geography classroom” is really a well-deserved reputation.

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