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Taupo is named after Maori chiefs Taupo-nui-Tia who found the lake, the town population of more than nineteen thousand people. The Taupo Lake area of 608 square kilometers, is the largest lake in New Zealand, formed 5,000 years ago after violent volcanic eruptions. South of Taupo are three active volcanoes: Mt. Ngauruhoe, Mt. Tongariro and Mt. Ruapehu, three volcanoes are located through Tongariro National Park, can visit by a helicopter.

Lake Taupo area like the size of Singapore, largest lakes in Australasia zone, covering an area of 600 square kilometers, 59 cubic thousand meters of water, the deepest depth of 110 meters.

In Lake Taupo can participate in a variety of exciting journey which includes the sea cruise, water sailing, surfing, hiking, shopping, skiing, trout fishing, fishing, etc., can also go soak the local hot spring Spa and massage, you can also go to famous Tongariro national Park, exploring and hiking, here is the world-famous historical Heritage Park, a world-renowned Hawkes Bay wine district, nearby beautiful small towns, including Nelson and Rotorua

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