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Waitomo Cave

Waitomo Caves is located near Rotorua is known as a the stalactites and fireflies hole is named one of the Seven Wonders of the world, in 1887 accompanied by a Maori chiefs together with a British official to explore and investigate, in centuries fireflies hole been one of the quite unique tourist attractions in New Zealand, has attracted more than 100 million visitors from around the world come to see the fireflies hole style. Walked along Glowworm Caves limestone cave the beautiful and spectacular stalactites channel, is to praise the wonders of nature, take a punt slide into ten million fireflies, faint points of light clouds overhead, as if a whirlwind tour in the sky starry earth, to listen carefully to the sound of gentle and move slowly drip, it suddenly dawned still being in a huge cave deep in the ground Glowworm Caves.

The formation of the New Zealand Glowworm Caves Limestone is formed by the fossil remnants of a myriad of marine life, Glowworm Caves 3 million years ago in the depth of the sea, the past 24 million years, Glowworm Caves after numerous geological changes, such as: changes in the earth’s crust and volcanic activity, a lot of hard limestone was distorted and was taken to the sea level, and later many crevices, rain and air with a slightly acidic rain erosion, forming carbon dioxide eroded over time, making the chimney gradually expansion of stalactites and stalagmites, is what we see today Glowworm Caves the cave scenery, been extrapolated estimated that about 100 years, 3 cc of stalactites form, but also because of the terrain structure of plant functions, limestone depth, internal and external environment and climate , and the number of years in the cave formed, affecting the speed of stalactites formed stalactites of the two side by side because of the different flow channels, and the different forming speed.

The provisions of the New Zealand Glowworm Caves Fireflies in New Zealand is the larval stage of the two wings of insects, each firefly can spit out up to 70 wet sticky transparent silk, even nearly 20 cm of the longest, by glimmer issued to attract and capture other insects as food , on which to survive. Fireflies need adequate humidity to avoid dry death, and need the appropriate environment for the stable suspension of spit silk and dark space to dissipate into the atmosphere shimmer, and stalactite cave is a natural and seamless with the ideal living space.

To visit Firefly cave, there are particularly several provisions: stalactites and stalagmites will lose its luster because of the touch, and the destruction of their fragile composition structure must cherish, do not touch; must remain quiet in the hole cavity of the fireflies, punting watch fireflies do not frighten the destruction of the ecological environment of the fireflies; Finally, to the security of tourists, a total ban on smoking throughout prohibit the use of cameras and VCR, and must be followed by the team with the action so that the wizard care to avoid in wet black fireflies hole cavity accident.

Firefly hole is so natural formation commendable spectacle, a great need for every visitor to come and care for and maintain the Glowworm Caves, so that more people can enjoy and experience the charisma of one of the wonders of the world Glowworm Caves.

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