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Mount Cook National Park

In the centre of the Southern Alps, through lush green forest Canterbury Plains from Christchurch toward south, looking ahead you can see New Zealand’s highest peak – Mount Cook, known as New Zealand blue ridge, an elevation of 3,764 meters, is known as the “southern alps”. Near Mount Cook surrounded by the Mt. Tasman etc., eighteen 3,000 meters height mountains, the foothills of Mount Cook is the perfect natural playground, beautiful alpine plant garden in Mount Cook. You can also do skiing and other activities. The area of this band is named Mount Cook National Park, Mount Cook National Park and West State Park contrary to the legislation. Mount Cook glacier erosion into the V-shaped valley, two quiet and beautiful lakes in the meantime, that Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo. Southern Alps mountain snow melting water after several lakes came to south Cantebury plains Waitaki River, then eastward into the South Pacific.

The formation of the Mount Cook According to archaeologists, Mount Cook, one hundred fifty million years ago is still submerged in the sea, one hundred million years ago, the crustal beginning orogenic activity, after long years of repeated alternating the role of uplift and erosion, coupled with glaciers erosion, resulting in today’s landscape and terrain, a new zone.

To Mount Cook, the most popular tools to the installation of the ski board helicopter is the most popular, in addition to that helicopter viewing Mt Cook tour of the high-altitude flight, that allows visitors to appreciate spectacular scenery that originally can only viewed by professional climbers. When small plane slowly decline, the Tasman Glacier appeared like a luminous silver band in front, after the aircraft came to a complete stop, visitors can go to visit. Looking ahead, is surrounded by a snow-white scenery, people kind of feel it seems that the world has turned upside down. Do not think the world’s longest glacier has fixed length, in fact, it moved forward from 23 to 45 cm a day.

A good place for New Zealand Mount Cook In addition to fly and view glacial landscape at Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, located in the east side of the Tasman Glacier is the best place for fishing for trout and salmon. Like other lakes of the South Island in southern Lake Tekapo is a relic of the ice age. Its color is very unique, almost the milk blue color, is said to dissolve the surrounding rock because the water from the ice rivers, flow into the lake.

In addition to watching glaciers wonders in Mount Cook, Mount Cook is also a hiking good place. In the Mount Cook surrounding villages, there are trails for walking and short stroke hiking route. November to February is the most suitable for hiking, comfortable weather, the views along the way there are numerous flower scene. However, due to the very high altitude of Mount Cook, the changeable weather, even if it is summer, the average temperature here is very low, the best hiker should prepare for perfect protection against the cold and light rain gear, just in case.

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