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Fox Glacier

In New Zealand, the West Bank, located between Greymouth and Milford Sound, glaciers formed by the ancient era – Fox Glacier, speed of glacier flow is quite slow, an average can only move about 40 centimeters a day, but sometimes glacier can move about 5 meters a day, due to the snow mountains snowing frequently, the excess snow will accumulate to the glacier, and push the ice inside the ice, caused by the movement of the glacier, and the formation of this kind of very special glacier landscape.

New Zealand live glacier The world has many glaciers closed because they no longer move, but Fox Glacier is a “living” Ice, still retains the original style of the original Ice Age. New Zealand glacier landscape. The entire Fox Glacier height gap of 2600 meters, a length of about 13 km, the depth of about 300 meters, Fox Glacier named after New Zealand Prime Minister William Fox visited in 1872. After years of development that does not destroy the natural ecology, many development on special events can onoy be enjoyed at Glacier area such as glacier hiking, helicopter glacier overlooking the glacier, rafting and other exciting and interesting activities. In addition, in the winter, you can also enjoy the the glacier skiing fun. Nearby Fox Glacier there is a beautiful lake – Lake Matheson, tourists from around the world were deep attracted by this beautiful lake, clear lake reflecting the Mount Cook (New Zealand highest mountain) with beautiful views of the Tasman Mountains, together with the surrounding natural scenery make people deeply intoxicated. Forest trail along the lake is one of the favourite of many visitors, if trekking along the forest trails, you can see a cave, a pure dark cave you can see countless fireflies dancing seemed to come to a completely different world, is a fairly rare travel experience. Also in the glacier near The Gillespies’ Beach, you can see more than 1500 seals gathered here, this can be seen in the summer time, but the number would be a lot lesser.

Height overlooking New Zealand glacier Fox Glacier, most places are quite steep, so providing adventurous people a very good place to go on the glacier, you can walk or climb steep iceberg, visits to the unknown area to become a perfect adventurer. Some local companies provide a height overlooking the glacier Service (Glenorchy Air), you can catch a small plane or helicopter flying over the glacier, when you look down from a height, you certainly will praise it. The aircraft can also sent you to some area that you can’t reach by walking where you began to explore the glaciers, absolutely it would another round of amazing experience.

If you want to come to the West Bank to experience the charm of these glaciers, take the the alpine train to Greymouth from Christchurch ( can also tour around Shantytown, a gold rush town), and then rent a car or take a bus to Fox Glacier, there is also bus from Queenstown to Fox Glacier.

Glacier Hiking, New Zealand Walking along the glacier, and then enter a secret trail, then advancing temperate rainforest along the Z-shaped trails, about 45 minutes later, it will reach the summit, you can see here a very spectacular panoramic views of the glaciers, and can see a rare “icefall”. Must then be put on a special non-slip spikes, and step forward into the cracks of the glacier in an ice crevasse, you can see a breathtaking view of the nature gods.

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