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Lake Wakatipu

Around the Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu is the most beautiful features of Queenstown, 84 km long, with unparalleled views of Queenstown, climate, lakes and mountains, it’s stunning scenery. Day time dozens of different water activities held here along the lake. At night, when the lamps light lights up passengers in this quiet lakeside leisurely enjoying leisure time in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Lake fluctuation once every six minutes is the most outstanding feature of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, normally drop an average of more than 7 cm. Although scientists believe that this is because of the effect caused by wind pressure from nearby mountains of Queenstown, but the Maori believe their own legend folktales.

The beautiful legend of Lake Wakatipu
A huge giant feared legend in Queenstown, one day Giants stole chief’s daughter, Chiefs reward local Maori Warriors, vowing to save her daughter, finally the warrior, Matakauri take advantage when giant was sleeping and torches Giants together with his bed. The fire spread actively and rises high, eventually burn the ground along the giant’s size with a big hole. The Giants did not die, but fell into this hole and could not move, and now the fluctuate of the lake is the giant heartbeat vibrations in the bottom of the lake.

This legend is not without reason, near by Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu ,Glenorchy is like the shape of the giant’s head, and Queenstown is in the middle of fired and bent legs.

Take the steam boat
In Queenstown, surf on the lake aboard the steamship (TSS Earnslaw) is one of the travellers favorite activities in the Lake Wakatipu, length of ship of about 168 feet and weighs 330 tons. Aboard the steamboat is the Southern Hemisphere’s only coal-fired sightseeing passenger ships, on board the most distinctive is the engine room of over a century of history, travelers can overlook the operation on the first floor and to feel that kind of unique hot air.

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