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A profound and intellectual challenging experience. Extend the boundary of your horizons

– an oversea study experience that will ingrated in your memory… and become an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

Not only affecting your language
Study oversea affecting your profound cultural experience, to restructuring your new outlook on life, you will find yourself, achieving your dreams. We would like to provide an excellent and comprehensive counseling to help you!

Underwater World

Auckland, Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World Sea World is located on Tamaki Drive, Auckland’s famous Coast Highway, has a vast expanse of wonderful sea views, the roadside vibrant young friends enjoy the fun on the beach all the way you can see the sea with many sailing to face the wind sailing, the roadside also lined with many superior taste of the coffee shop and ice cream shop. Of course, there is New Zealand’s most famous underground Sea World-Kelly Tarlton. Here visitors can see a rare full of interesting and unique Antarctic world scenery and interesting polar wildlife. You can see the small cute little Penguin in artificial snowflakes world around swing of walking in this underground ocean world. In addition to these little penguins there are creepy sharks, enormous eel, stingray grotesque and group followed by a group of shiny tropical fish.

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