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Waiheke Island 

From Auckland, Waiheke Island needs only 35 minutes by catching a ferry is located in the Hauraki Gulf, and belonged to the sub-tropical environment and climate, with 100 kilometers of beautiful coastline. Now Waiheke Island lodging industry is booming, there are a wide variety of attractions activities, allowing you to play in any season, can experience pleasant and enjoyable feeling.

Introduced in the island of Waiheke Island, Waiheke Island in any season has exciting activities await you, so you definitely will not feel a shred of boredom, from the stunning vineyards, to the vast expanse of the coastline and display fine art exhibition Museum and so on. The exhibition hall, the ancient historical artifacts, a world-renowned historical value, but also has a very precious for educational purposes, the historical development and folk customs of the local people better understand, attract tourists from all over the world competing to come to see the style, you can also wander around, feel and explore New Zealand style, people.

Waiheke Island is a long wine history in 1978, Goldwater family in the island of Waiheke Island began planting vineyards, and so has the Waiheke island’s first winery. As of today, the vineyards of Waiheke Island has become a world-renowned wines, also won many distinguished awards in the world. Red and white wines are taste glycol, in the island of Waiheke Island already has more than 30 vineyards, more in the end of January each year to set up its own island of Waiheke Island Wine Festival, tourists come to travel at this time you can enjoy wine tasting, intoxicating aroma!

Waiheke Island has beautiful scenery suffocating, making people addicted of exciting adventure activities, unique scenery; stretch of coastline and rocks, is the perfect location for you to experience an adventure.

Waiheke Island, you will find many exquisite fun of shops, exquisite seaside shops, antique shops and second-hand trafficking shops and large shopping plaza, you can here to enjoy shopping, buy your favorite souvenirs for friends and family.

The urban of Waiheke Island, Oneroa is the main town in Waiheke Island, Ostend and Onetangi Covert’s countryside, you can go to explore the ancient mystery and experience the excitement of the original adventure activities. In this beautiful island, it is suitable for your wedding on the island full of natural style, feel the romantic atmosphere. You can also organize business meetings, special holiday celebrations and group activities, allowing you to play indulgence, threw himself into the charming of the island of Waiheke Island.

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