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Sky City

Sky City is 328 meters high, is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, the representative of the Auckland landscape. There are many features of this tower, visitors can take a transparent elevator to four different storeys viewing platform on the tower , which also has a revolving restaurant, cafe, theater, casino, and a four-star hotel, which the casino in 1995 was officially opened, is New Zealand’s largest casino project.

Sky Tower is the world’s 12th tallest building, even higher than in Paris’s Eiffel Tower and Sydney’s AMP Tower. Try to imagine the height of the Sky Tower, like a series of 37 buses with length. Sky Tower weight is quite astonishing, and 21 million kg, equivalent to the weight of one thousand elephants. Sky Tower building materials, consuming two years and nine months to complete fifteen thousand cubic meters of concrete and two thousand tons of strong reinforced construction.

Three transparent glass elevator of the 1,267 bands staircase Sky Tower, every 15 minutes, can carry 255 people to reach the top floor observation deck of the Sky Tower, rising to 18 kilometers per hour speed, take you from the ground up to the observation deck, only 40 seconds of time, you can also test your physical strength and stamina to challenge the order of stairs 1,267 Sky Tower underlying four kilometers per hour, takes 29 minutes to climb the sky Deck. Auckland’s Sky Tower once held a stair climbing competition, the competitors, it was a record time of 5 minutes 17 seconds only to climb the ladder over 1000 amazing record.

Sky Tower observation deck 360 ° from the top observation deck urban area extends to the east and west coasts panoramic views across the radius of 82 km away on a sunny day, you can see here is also the best place to appreciate the Auckland night scene systemic standing in transparent glass on the ground, looked down for a look, prosperity shuttle endless urban streets are all in the foot.

Sky City entertainment, accommodation, dining, culture, entertainment, equal to a considerable number of meeting rooms to accommodate the 700-seat theater, the years countless size opera, musical performances or theater performances. Another three casinos provide a large number of slot machines, blackjack and baccarat games. Food, up to 10 or more Western-style restaurant and bar live band concert.

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